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Intimate Details - 2 Hours / $60


We like to start our Intimate Details two and three hour tours with the intimate feel of the French Quarter. With its pied-a-terres and houses close up against the sidewalks we get a more intimate feel in this compact area and get a closer look at its many architectural components that we want to photograph.

We then go below Broad St to continue the intimate feeling along one America's oldest and most picturesque narrow streets (laid out in 1683) that is full of planters, window boxes and gas lanterns.  After viewing the tourist-favorite Rainbow Row we will walk a couple of blocks down another old street with lots of  garden gates, gas lanterns and window boxes on houses dating from the early 1700's. If you are doing the two-hour Intimate Details tour this is where we end.

Intimate Details - 3 Hours / $84


If you are doing our popular three-hour Intimate Details tour we continue on down the street, taking some side trips on cross streets to view a hidden lane, church gates and more before turning back up toward Broad with window boxes and iron garden gates along the way.

Great Houses & Carriage Gates - 3 Hours / $84


For those who want to see Charleston on a larger scale we offer our Great Houses & Carriage Gates tour. With bigger houses set back from the street and walls with carriage gates this is Charleston's historic district at its grandest.  We will work our way over to Charleston's most elegant street with its enormous houses, gates & elaborate gardens, including the famous 'sword gate.' then a short walk along the Lower Battery before turning back toward Broad to view more large houses & carriage gates plus several more garden gates along the way.

Ansonborough - 3 Hours 15 Minutes / $94

The historic Ansonborough area was targeted by the Historic Charleston Foundation in 1958 for rehabilitation and became nationally known as an outstanding example of neighborhood revitalization when they acquired and rehabbed more than 100 houses.

Now Charles Towne's original suburb is one of our most charmingly serene neighborhoods that is often overlooked by visitors.

For those seeking a unique off-the-beaten-path experience we offer this hidden gem in a special three hour and fifteen minute photo walkabout

Photography 101 Workshop - 3 Hours / $84

Ideal for a novice photographer, we offer a special three hour "Photography 101" workshop. We will go over basic camera settings and their functions plus some of the basics of photo composition followed by a shorter walkabout for you to be able to practice what we just discussed.

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Rates for Our Charleston Photo Tour Packages

We offer several walking tour packages in Charleston of varying lengths through different locations.  If you're looking for a private group tour, please check out our FAQ page.

All Tours Start at 9:00am

(for other times, please call)

Intimate Details

$60 per Photographer
  • 2-Hour Tour
  • One hour through the heart of the old world charm of the French Quarter
  • One hour below Broad Street along some of our oldest and most picturesque streets

Intimate Details

$84 per Photographer
  • 3-Hour Tour
  • One hour through the heart of the old world charm of the French Quarter
  • One hour below Broad Street along some of our oldest and most picturesque streets
  • One hour below Broad Street with a hidden lane, church gates, window boxes and garden gates galore

Great Houses & Carriage Gates

$84 per Photographer
  • 3-Hour Tour
  • Completely below Broad St, this walkabout offers a different feel than our other tours
  • You will have more sweeping views of the larger houses, walls, gardens and carriage gates


$94 per Photographer
  • 3-Hour 15 Minute Tour
  • A special walk through the lightly visited Ansonborough neighborhood located above the public market area
  • A special treat for those wanting to experience an off-the-beaten-path neighborhood that most visitors overlook. It is full of beautiful houses, ironwork and window boxes

Photography 101 Workshop

$84 per Photographer
  • 3-Hour Workshop
  • Ideal for a novice photographer
  • Review of basic camera settings and their functions
  • Basic photo composition
  • Short walkabout for practice

A non-photographing companion is welcome to walk along and enjoy seeing all the sights for FREE on any tour.