You Have Questions,

we have answers.

Does My Tour Have to Start at 9:00am

No, your tour does not have to start at 9:00am.  However, we believe this is the best time for good light and to avoid the heat of the day.

If you want to start at a later time, we can try to accommodate your request.

Please note that by city ordinance no tours are allowed to enter any residential historic district streets before 9:00am.

What is the Tour Group Size?

Typically, a tour group size is one person or a couple.  If another person or couple wants to walk the same tour at the same time we will combine the two. However, no more than four people will be on a tour at a time.

How Far Will We Walk on the Tour?

For the two-hour tours, we will walk through the heart of the French Quarter and then drop below Broad Street for about a one mile walk.

The three-hour tour through the French Quarter and below Broad Street will be about 1.4 miles.

The Great Houses tour is also approximately 1.4 miles.

Our special off-the-beaten-path 3-hour Ansonborough tour covers about 1.5 miles.         

I am a Complete Novice. Am I Out of Place?

We welcome all skill levels and you would absolutely not be out of place!  We love beginners!

If you shoot with your camera set on "Auto" and are not interested in messing around with all of this fancy-smancy technical stuff, go ahead and leave it on automatic and we won't worry about it.  We understand that not everybody is that interested in all the technical stuff.

However, if you are interested in advancing your photo skills, we suggest you book two different tours.  One would be a "Photography 101" workshop where we sit in the park and go over camera settings and menus to make you more comfortable with your camera's operation and then walk and discuss using light and composition while visualizing your images.  Then you could do a regular photo tour the next day and put your newfound skills to use making some stunning images of Charleston. 

What Type of Camera Can I Bring?

Any type of imaging device is OK with us.  It does not matter if you have a fancy DSLR, point-and-shoot digital, tablet or smart phone.  As long as you understand light and composition you can take great images with anything, and we can help you do that.

Is My Guide Shooting During the Tour?

Typically, no, we will not be shooting during the tour.  We will have a camera with us to illustrate a point or show how something works. But we concentrate on what you are doing, and not taking our own pictures.

Are There Restrooms Available on the Tour?

Restroom availability is very limited.  We will be walking through residential neighborhoods where there are no shops or convenience stores with restrooms.

On our 'Intimate Details' tours we are near a restroom by City Hall in about one hour (which is closed on Sundays). There is another restroom on Bay Street a block from Rainbow Row about 30 minutes later.  There are no other restrooms after that for the remainder of the tour.   

On the 'Grand Houses' tour there are no restrooms.  Nor are there any on the Ansonborough tour.


What Type of Surfaces Will We Be Walking On?

A couple of the hidden alleyways we will visit have cobblestones and therefore are uneven and very bumpy.  Otherwise, we will be walking along city streets and sidewalks.  There is no elevation change along the way (this is the low country).   However, the streets, curbs and sidewalks tend to be uneven and have large cracks, humps and bumps from tree roots, wear-and-tear, etc. They are very old streets, after all.  

Do You Provide Private Group Tours?

Yes, we are happy to provide private group tours, especially for those traveling from out of town.  Please call or contact us for special group rates and details.

How Will We Meet Up for Our Tour?

We will meet in front of a local downtown landmark whose location will vary depending on the tour you select.  After making your reservation we will email you with information regarding the exact location and address of our meetup location along with nearby parking information (unless you indicate you are staying at a nearby downtown hotel).