A Photography Class Mixed with a Walking Tour of Historic Charleston, South Carolina

Join us for a walking tour through Charleston's famous historic district as seen through your camera's lens

We combine casual sightseeing with fun photo tips.  You will gain new perspectives of Charleston's architectural elements that most visitors miss while taking typical boring, tourist snapshots. The shaded streets and hidden alleyways are perfect subjects for brushing up your photography skills and stimulating your creativity.

historic charleston photo tours

Fun + creative tips will inspire you to capture amazing, frame-worthy images

Explore the unique beauty of Charleston, that most visitors do not see, as you capture stunning images of  the historic district's hidden delights: gas lit lanterns, beautiful iron work in gates and windows, cobblestone streets, colorful flowers spilling out of window boxes, secret gardens, colorful doors & knockers, and picturesque old narrow streets & hidden alleyways and lanes.   You will love immersing yourself in Charleston's 17th & 18th century charm and beauty.

Our walkabouts are specially designed to help you use your valuable vacation time more efficiently

Don't waste your time wandering around a new city trying to find the subjects you want to photograph, but not really knowing where to find them.


with our Charleston Photo Tours

The narrow streets and houses are perfect subjects for raising your awareness so you can turn an ordinary picture into an extraordinary image using your own creative process.  Each street on our tour has been carefully selected because it is overflowing with photographic opportunities that will excite you and stimulate your creativity.

A Photo Walk for Everyone

We welcome all levels of photographers from beginners to hobbyists to advanced shooters. And we welcome all types of cameras: DSLR, compact point and shoot, tablets, ipads or smart phones.

Creating your own art is more than just pressing the shutter. We'll gladly help a novice or intermediate shooter with personalized attention to creative compositions and camera settings, and gently guide you to the best angle to shoot as needed, while pointing the seasoned photographer in the right direction then leaving him alone. We offer as little or as much advice as you request of us.  If you shoot with your camera on "Auto"  and you're not interested in any of this technical stuff, we can just show you things to photograph and leave it at that.

(If you are a beginner who is interested in learning more please see our blog article with a list of some basic camera settings to become familiar with at home before your trip.)

So, grab your camera and walking shoes and make your reservation now to join us for a fun and beautiful walk through historic Charleston.

Charleston Photography Tours

We are excited that his photograph of the Judge Robert Pringle house taken by Richard Spencer of Historic Charleston Photography Tours appears on the cover of the April, 2020 issue of Early American Life magazine